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Supply chain management software SAP formally launched

January 5, 2016
December 2015

Won the 2015 iron and steel supply chain service provider model enterprises"

Won the national steel trade top 100 list tenth"

Won the "excellent steel list first"

Won the national iron and steel enterprise AAAAA assessment"

Jiangsu Hua Yi logistics Limited by Share Ltd successfully listed

The new three edition, the name of the stock: Hua Yi Logistics

Stock code 834007

October 21, 2015
September 2015

The implementation of branch independent accounting model

The introduction of the global supply chain SAP system ERP

And OA office automation information project in full implementation

August 2015

Jiangsu Hua Yi logistics Limited by Share Ltd founded the general assembly

Cum first extraordinary general meeting held

The establishment of the cooperation with Huayi Chinese storage library;

March 2015
July 2014

Communist Party of China Jiangsu DaJing Group Co., Ltd.

Branch committee;

Transformation of the steel supply chain service providers;

February 2014
January 2014

Won the "hundred enterprises" title;

Group annual sales of over 2 million tons,

Sales over 9 billion;

December 2013
January 2013

China steel trade comprehensive service transformation

" Model enterprise ";

Won the "China excellent steel enterprises hundred first" title

January 2013
September 2012

"Won the iron and steel logistics Specialized Committee, deputy director of the unit";

Jiangsu great supply chain management Co., ltd.;

May 2012
January 2012

Group distribution center set up and smooth operation;

Jiangsu DaJing Group Co., Ltd.

Awarded the title of "top 500 private enterprises in China";

December 2011
May 2011

Yangzhou branch established;

DaJing Group transformation to steel service providers;

February 2011
January 2011

Tianjin sub company;

Jiangsu DaJing Group Co., ltd.;

Jiangsu Hua Yi Logistics Co., ltd;

October 26, 2010
August 2010

DaJing raw materials subsidiary was established;

DaJing ship materials professional subsidiary was established;

May 2010
March 2010

Great North Jiangsu Branch established;

Jiangyin Xicheng steel processing Co., Ltd. was changed into Jiangyin City BaoSha Steel Processing Co. ltd.;

January 2010
November 2009

Zhejiang sub company established;

Won the "top 500 service enterprises in China" title;

August 2009
June 2009

Prepare Jiangsu Hua Yi Logistics Co., ltd.,

Settled in Jiangyin Yunting;

With the establishment of a joint venture in Jiangyin Xicheng Steel City Xicheng steel processing Co. ltd.;

July 2009

Annual sales of over 1 million 200 thousand tons, sales over 6 billion;

Nanjing DaJing sub company establishment;

August 2008
August 2007

Roll with branch establishment;

Changshu branch established;

May 2007
March 2007

Increased operating varieties: medium and heavy plate;

Won my iron and steel network issued the "national excellent bar sales first" title;

December 2006
November 2005

Changzhou branch established;

Suzhou branch established;

September 2004
April 2004

Company name changed to Jiangsu DaJing iron and Steel Co., ltd.;

Special steel mills to expand cooperation,

The first Wuxi branch was established;

February 2004
December 2003

Annual sales volume exceeded 150 thousand tons;

Huaigang product sales in the first;

May 2003
February 2002

Company name change for Jiangyin DaJing Trading Co., ltd.;

Step into the Jiangyin, began the entrepreneurial journey;

Cooperate with Huaigang excellent steel, screw steel;

The company name is Jiangyin Huaigang steel trade Co. ltd.;

April 7, 2000

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